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Wednesday , 20 November 2019
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Parental Control Software – makes your computer safer


As parents I always have the fear in my mind. How can I make my PC safe for my children? Because in this era of internet, each and everything is easily accessible and available internet including mature contents and videos. So your PC is not safe at all for your kids who can operate it. In comes Parental Control Software ... Read More »

Will Antivirus Software Always Block Viruses?


Working in the computer industry for over a dozen years and repairing ten’s of thousands of computers over that time has given me rather good insight into some of the most common mistakes home users make. Almost half of my computer repair business is from clients who are infected with a virus. Removing a virus from a computer can be ... Read More »

Password Manager Software And Why You Need It.


Passwords and PIN codes are very important bits of information in this day and age of computer technology. In order to keep all of your private and sensitive data protected from people who aren’t supposed to have it, you make passwords to all of your important accounts online. You use passwords to keep your bank account, online shopping accounts, personal ... Read More »

Traffic Generator Software – The "Ninja" Way of Generating Web Traffic


If you are looking for a flood of high-conversion and targeted web traffic, traffic generator software is something you must look for.Traffic generator software is a sophisticated and revolutionary traffic generation tool. It has been proven to produce amazing and instantaneous results.Well, you may ask, there are so many such software out there, which one should you use? To get ... Read More »

Choosing Where To Buy Software


Software for computers comes in many different forms. It may be applications software or database software. It could be a game for playing in one’s leisure time or a business application used at work. It is important to consider several factors when choosing where to buy software. One key item to consider is the importance of verifying the source. For ... Read More »

Utilizing XSitePro 2 Web Design Software to build Your Sites


If you have been reading the other posts readily available within this section, you are no doubt ready to commence constructing your personal web page and making cash. To fully take full advantage of your XSitePro 2 web design software as well as monetizing features discussed, on the other hand, there’s one more factor that you just really should take ... Read More »