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Wednesday , 20 November 2019
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Things You Should Become Aware Of Regarding Your Security Guard Service


Over the past 10 years the need for security guard companies has continued to increase. Today much more than before, businesses are looking to corporate security guard firms in order to ensure the safeguard of their very own enterprise. Community protection provided by govt policing agencies is not enough. these sad events of September 11 — the terrorist attacks against ... Read More »

Acronis Online Backup Review: Should You Think about It?


Acronis is a widely known company in the backup company. Their item might appeal to some users, particularly company users, who desire an interface that allows them to oversee the backup to a considerable qualification. Acronis supplies all the requirement features that pertained by having most online backup services. For instance, it utilizes an SSL transfer service, which ensures that ... Read More »

A Computer Data Security System Should Prevent Data Leakage!


If you work in an organization where all the computers are connected to a local network, the information that goes out of and into that network stays highly insecure provided that no network or file level security has been duly implemented on it. In this technology age, when more or less everything has gone digital while technology has been advancing ... Read More »

Why Should I Only Trust A Website With SSL Encryption?


It seems that the world revolves around the internet these days, with about ninety five percent of daily life somehow relating to computers and internet use in some way. Bank transactions, shopping, family updates, and even wills and trusts can be done online. SSL encryption ensures that secure information is kept safe. The SSL certificate is free to obtain, which ... Read More »

5 Website Security Issues You Should Be Aware Of?


Technology has become more advanced, and with it, hack attacks in the online world are increasing at an alarming rate. Hackers use known vulnerabilities in third-party softwares to target your website and web server, and use it for their advantage. The effect of this maybe just defacing of your website, stealing your confidential client data, or even worse, use your ... Read More »

Should You be Using a VPN?


You may already know what a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is but are you using one? If you’re not using one, there’s a high likelihood that you really should be using a VPN. When it comes to the reasons why there are a number of them. But before we get into those it would probably be beneficial to review ... Read More »

Which kind of articles should be written on a blog dedicated to machine tools?


Do you have a blog and sometimes you do not have any idea about what to write? Or rather, you’ve opened for instance a blog about machine tools and do you think that the arguments are limited? Are you losing time and hope because you have absolutely no idea which are the best topics to talk about? We could give ... Read More »

3 Reasons why you should use Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress


If you have made a blog or web site with WordPress, or are thinking of doing so, you know that it is the most popular platform to use. What is less well known is that WordPress has limitations when it comes to creating anything other than a simple site. Those limitations, which stem from the days when WordPress sites were ... Read More »

6 Important reasons why your brand should be on Youtube


Are videos part of your online marketing strategy? If not, they should definitely be or else you will be missing on a lot of opportunities to grow your business. And before proceeding with this article, check our previous blog post “5 reasons why online video marketing is the new to-do”. If videos are part of your strategy, then you must ... Read More »

5 Reasons you should back up your website


Backing up your website is like insuring your car. It protects your assets and gives you peace of mind. If you spend hours and hours pouring your time and energy into a website, it is a good practice to ensure that your hard work has been backed up on to another device. Simple things like backing up can be easily ... Read More »