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Wednesday , 20 November 2019
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Choosing from the different types of Dedicated Servers


The major 3 kinds of devoted web servers are totally taken care of, partly took care of, as well as self took care of. A totally handled is the finest choice for a person with little expertise or time to run the web server themselves. A self handled is the ideal alternative for those people that have the time as ... Read More »

An introduction to dedicated servers


Cyber space is growing at a very fast pace. The internet has become such an essential part of everyone’s lives, it is almost impossible to do without it. Businesses use the internet to market their business and reach out to their potential customers. Many individuals use the internet as the primary source of information. Most of the time, people are ... Read More »

Virtual Private Servers are Suitable for Business


VPS hosting has been a game changer in the world of web hosting and has become hugely popular amongst small and medium sized businesses today. Finding the right website hosting medium has always been a dilemma for businesses; shared hosting seems limiting and is open to risks while dedicated hosting can be well beyond your budgets. Virtual Private Servers on ... Read More »

Virtual Private Servers are Suitable for Business


Most businesses previously used shared host servers to host their websites. Shared servers are not a bad option but they have many limitations. Virtual private servers are now a better option for website owners who previously used only shared servers. Virtual private servers are better than shared hosting servers and dedicated hosting servers as it does not have any of ... Read More »

Virtual private servers – Best for online marketing


Virtual Private Servers (also referred to as VPS) provide a whole new way of hosting business websites. Web hosting service providers are the only thing which makes online marketing possible. Earlier businesses were hosted with a long list of restrictions. After the introduction of the Virtual Private Servers, however, this has changed. Thanks to virtual private servers, clients are now ... Read More »