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Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Browser Hijackers, the Methods Of their Action And the Ways to Remove Them


What is hijackers Today we will talk about the hijackers. Hijackers are one of the most common types of malicious software, along with adware. In fact, the hijackers may be attributed to advertising-oriented software, since its main purpose is advertising and promotion of certain sites. A distinctive feature of the hijackers is that they take the user’s browser under full ... Read More »

Methods to delete from computer and browser


There are many types of advertising programs. Some of them are completely harmless and are just trying to tell users about the benefits of a product. Some are specific to a particular company or a web site, and are trying to get you to visit a specified website (for example, online casino, brokerage site, and so on). Today we will ... Read More »

How to remove Hohosearch adware from computer and browser


What is HohosearchHohosearch is an advertising program (adware), which penetrates user’s PC with help of unreliable file-sharing services. This program doesn’t have any special features, but it has become very common in recent weeks, so I decided to write an article about it. Hohosearch’s methods of work are very simple. It’s attached to the numerous files on several free file-sharing ... Read More »

How to remove SOEASYSVC adware from your browser


Today we will talk about the program, called SOEASYSVC. This is adware, software that is showing the advertisement. Each Internet user knows that there’s plenty of advertising on each site, on all pages, even when you search for something on Google you see ads in the first places. Many users are so unhappy with this that set specific applications for ... Read More »

How to remove Loadstart browser hijacker


In this article we will tell you about a program called, about its methods of action, the objectives pursued by its creators, and how these objectives are achieved. If your computer has been infected by, and you want to remove this program – at the end of the article you will find a link to the detailed step ... Read More »

What is All-czech browser hijacker and how to remove it


Recently, we received a lot of complaints about the browser hijacker, called This program gets into user’s browser using various tricks, and we’ll tell you about them, as well as how it works and how to remove it. How got on my computer? As with any other browser hijacker, is very cunning and stealthy. Most often, this ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Browser Extensions


Description: A browser extension is a computer program that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. Depending on the browser and the version, the term may be distinct from similar terms such as plug-in or add-on. Extensions can be created through use of web technologies such as HTML, Java, and CSS. Browser extensions can also improve the ... Read More »