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Wednesday , 20 November 2019
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Video Blogging


Video blogging is fast becoming one of the hottest ways of showcasing and promoting any online business. Viewers who are used to reading print advertising now see video as something new, fun and interesting. They’re viewed more like a live presentation and are more likely to get the viewers off the fence from an undecided to a buying customer. Todays ... Read More »

What is Blogging?


Do not tell me that you never write! Each of us in the shower is grapho-maniac. We write everywhere. Wherever one looks, there’s something written. Well, if you did not notice and it is almost impossible, then certainly at least once somewhere painted.But when we come to the Internet, you leave your caption and consider yourself a writer. It is ... Read More »

The Niche of Blogging by Million


If you like the idea of sitting in nice office for the rest of your life plugging away creating online media ideas so that your boss can make a million is frankly Not too very appealing. Why work hard making money for someone else , when you can be your own boss and blog for a living? I do not ... Read More »

Beginning Blogging: How to Keep Your Newborn Blog Alive


Congratulations, you have given birth to a blog! Like any first-time parent, you probably won’t know what you are doing at the very beginning, but your blog is depending upon you — and only you — for life. Take it seriously! Here are some ideas on how to care for your newborn blog so it will grow and prosper. Feed ... Read More »

Make Money Online By Blogging Your Way To Bigger Commissions


Do you want to know the secrets of how to make money online by blogging? You should combine both affiliate marketing with blogging. In this article, I will share with you how blogging can help you bank in more affiliate cash. Tip No. 1: You should use WordPress Self hosted WordPress platform is recognised as one of the best platform ... Read More »

Blogging Tips: Five Ways to Set Your Blog on Fire


Blogging takes time, and there is nothing worse than spending hours creating a new post only to find a week later that a mere handful of people read your work and no one even bothered to leave a comment. A lack of followers is why many people abandon their blog after just a few months. So how do you attract ... Read More »