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Wednesday , 20 November 2019
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What is Social2Search, and how it differs from other adware


What is Social2Search, and how it differs from other adware Adware development is a very promising sector for hackers and other Internet scams. In recent years, the number of PC users is growing rapidly and so many people are working directly on the Internet, looking through hundreds of pages every day and visiting hundreds of websites. And if earlier from ... Read More »

How to remove Hohosearch adware from computer and browser


What is HohosearchHohosearch is an advertising program (adware), which penetrates user’s PC with help of unreliable file-sharing services. This program doesn’t have any special features, but it has become very common in recent weeks, so I decided to write an article about it. Hohosearch’s methods of work are very simple. It’s attached to the numerous files on several free file-sharing ... Read More »

How to remove SOEASYSVC adware from your browser


Today we will talk about the program, called SOEASYSVC. This is adware, software that is showing the advertisement. Each Internet user knows that there’s plenty of advertising on each site, on all pages, even when you search for something on Google you see ads in the first places. Many users are so unhappy with this that set specific applications for ... Read More »

How to get rid of annoying OptiBuy adware


What is OptiBuy? OptiBuy is an advertising-oriented program or adware. This type of program isn’t useful for people who see it on their computers, so if you suddenly discovered it in the system – read this entry to figure out what it is and how to fight with it. First of all, you should realize that OptiBuy is not a ... Read More »