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Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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An introduction to dedicated servers

An introduction to dedicated servers

Cyber space is growing at a very fast pace. The internet has become such an essential part of everyone’s lives, it is almost impossible to do without it. Businesses use the internet to market their business and reach out to their potential customers. Many individuals use the internet as the primary source of information. Most of the time, people are so inclined on accessing various sites that they never seem to consider what makes this possible. Owners of websites make use of the internet as a medium to reach their customers. We easily access these sites, but do we really know how we are able to access these websites? Website owners use web hosts to host their websites so that their websites can be accessed by their clients.

The whole functioning of cyber space is only possible because of web servers. Whenever you access anything on the internet, whether it is just a website or informative journals and reports, the only thing which makes this possible is the web server which hosts it. Web servers are not given much importance and most people aren’t even aware of them. Although web hosts and servers are never in the lime light among the common folk who make use of the internet, they are the most important part of cyber space. Web hosts connect sites to the World Wide Web.

There are different kinds of servers:

Business owners and website owners get their websites hosted by trusted web hosts. The web hosts provide a web server to host websites. The servers which are mostly preferred by businesses and online multi-level marketers are dedicated servers. Dedicated servers, as the name suggests, are servers which are dedicated to hosting one client. Although dedicated web servers are used by business and other websites, the owners of the website are not the owners of the web server. Dedicated web servers are owned by web hosts. They are either given on rent or leased out to website owners. Since dedicated servers are exclusive servers, they can be customizable to some extent. Dedicated servers allow the website owner to gain full access over the web server but the web hosts will still remain the main owners of the website.
Why are dedicated servers useful?

Dedicated servers are very complex. Since they handle exclusively one client at a time they can run scripts which are very large. Their ability to run large scripts makes it best suited to big companies which look to expand their business. Big companies need to be hosted exclusively; only then will it be possible for them to have an unlimited bandwidth and attract more web traffic. Another reason why dedicate servers are considered advantageous to big companies is that they have a 99.99% uptime. This means that for every hundred hours you can be connected to the web for at least 99 hours. If there is continuous connectivity, the chances of interrupted service to customers is very low.

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